COVID-19 Update: Practice Closed

Dated: 23/03/20

It has become apparent over recent days that our attempt to continue providing a service to our clients is not sustainable in the light of government advice regarding social distancing and isolation.

Accordingly, our practice will close with immediate effect.

In common with every other business, we have no way of knowing when this situation will improve and therefore are making no predictions as to a date for reopening. We do however want to make provision as far as possible for dealing with problems that people may have during the shutdown.

Urgent Eye Problems

Call us on 0800 977 5994 or send an email to if you experience an urgent problem with your eyes, e.g.

  • New floaters in your field of vision, especially if associated with new flashing lights;
  • Distortion of your central vision in either eye, especially if you have previously been warned to look for this;
  • Painful red eye(s) – note that if you develop itchy/sticky eyes, it is reasonable to seek advice from your community pharmacist in the first instance.

Broken/Lost glasses

We are able to provide replacement glasses to cover loss or breakage – please contact us by telephone or email as above. The rules concerning validity of prescriptions has been amended in the light of the current situation to allow an extension beyond the recommended re-examination date in such cases.

Uncollected Spectacles/Contact Lenses

Where possible, completed spectacle orders and contact lenses will be sent out by post. We realise this isn’t always practical and will contact those clients affected to discuss how to best deal with your needs.

Routine Examinations/Contact Lens Checks

All recall notifications will be suspended until the practice reopens and then sent out in a phased way, but if you are noticing significant changes on your vision, contact us so that we can ensure you are seen as soon as possible once things return to normal. Contact lens wearers will be contacted by telephone or email when their annual aftercare check is due and in the absence of problems, ongoing supply of lenses will continue, with an appointment being made for after the reopening.

Be assured that we will update you as soon as there is anything to tell you!