If you are looking for a pair of sunglasses like no other, click the video above to see why the brilliant Maui Jim collection – are, in our opinion, the most technically advanced sunglasses available anywhere. The technical features include:

  • Patented PolarizedPlus2 technology deliver a richness and vibrancy of colour unmatched by any other lenses due to optimisation of colour transmission which is designed to match the absorption of the cones of the retina. Even the neutral grey tint will deliver rich colours while offering the highest level of available light reduction.
  • All Maui Jim lenses are “White Balanced” to remove unrealistic colour casts – objects that appear white without sunglasses will appear white through Maui Jim Sunglasses.
  • The option of a bi-gradient tint with reflective mirror coating at the top and bottom of the lens effectively “squints” for you, eliminating direct glare from above and reflected glare from below.
  • Lenses are treated with a patented 9 layer non-reflective rear surface coating to eliminate “bounce back” glare, reducing eye fatigue.
  • The selective control of the blue part of the light spectrum increases contrast while reducing one of the major risk factors for Macular degeneration which can cause blindness in later life.
  • Select a tint colour from Maui Rose for maximum contrast, HCL Bronze – an excellent all-season, all-weather lens, or Neutral Grey for maximum light reduction.

For prescription wearers, every lens has individually designed optical compensation for your prescription to ensure the crispest, clearest vision.

There is a massive range of frame styles to choose from, all glazeable to prescription (actual prescription availability varies according to frame style), so you can be sure of looking good, feeling good and giving your eyes the very best protection – Maui Jim will provide the most comfortable and functional sunglasses you will ever wear.

To start to understand the importance of colour in our lives and how Maui Jim will enhance your life, click here or on the parrot logo at the top of the page. To appreciate the quality of Maui Jim sunglasses, please call in to one our sessions near you, where our experienced staff will be happy to offer advice and demonstrate the benefits.