Am I suitable for Contact Lenses?
Probably! There are a massive range of lenses available today to suit most requirements. You will only really know whether contact lenses are for you by trying them – we make no charge for a contact lens trial appointment if you do not proceed (normal eye examination charge will apply where required).

Why Should I Choose Tomlinson Opticians to supply my Contact Lenses?

  • Friendly, patient staff offering common-sense advice;
  • Latest technology including digital imaging microscope to ensure the long-term health of your eyes;
  • Convenient locations – right on your doorstep – and evening and Saturday appointments;
  • Competitive Prices.


Are Contact Lenses good for my eyes?
We only fit lenses made from the latest materials which mean they are healthier and more comfortable in the long term. We then insist that you attend regular check-ups, the cost of which is included in our Aftercare Plus package. This is for your own long-term good – we will not supply lenses unless you are up to date with your aftercare.

Daily or Monthly lenses?
Daily lenses offer the convenience that most wearers are seeking and are safer since every morning you’re putting a brand new lens into the eye. Obviously, this comes at a greater cost than monthly replacement lenses but if you’re not wearing lenses every day, it can be great value.

If you’re looking for the most cost effective way into contact lens wear, then a monthly replacement programme may be best. We do not offer “loss-leader” prices so the price we quote you will be for the best lenses for your requirements.

I wear multifocal glasses – can I have Contact Lenses?
Multifocal lenses are available – for some wearers, the vision will be good enough for full-time wear, for others, there may be slightly compromised vision that makes them suitable for part-time or social wear – our free lens trial will usually establish whether these are for you and allow us to explain all the options.

What about astigmatism?

You may have been told you have astigmatism (an irregularity in the shape of the eye). We can fit lenses that will correct almost any degree of astigmatism – our free trial will usually establish whether these are for you.

I’m nervous about putting the lenses in for myself!

Everyone is a bit apprehensive about handling lenses. Generally people get the hang of it fairly quickly – it’s just about practice and getting a feel for the lenses. We have experienced staff to demonstrate the handling of lenses and make use of excellent online videos to reinforce this, so you have confidence taking your new lenses away.

What if I have a problem while wearing my lenses?
When you sign up to Aftercare Plus, all the aftercare appointments you need are included in your monthly fee, so whatever the problem, we will make every effort to see you as soon as possible. We also provide practical advice over the telephone or by e-mail if it’s not convenient to get in to see us.

I think I have Dry Eyes

If your eyes are dry all of the time or perhaps just in certain situations, this might limit the time you could wear lenses. However, it may be that with the right lenses and the correct advice about wearing times and environmental factors, you could wear lenses successfully, even if only on a part-time basis.

Can I buy my lenses online?

If you wish! We give you a prescription once your fitting is complete which would allow you to obtain replacement lenses anywhere. However, we only provide aftercare to patients on our Aftercare Plus scheme, so to ensure that we can continue to provide the care your eyes need, you must continue your subscription to this scheme. And be assured that our prices for lens supply are competitive.

What if I’m still not sure even after my Free Trial?

For some new wearers, you may still be unsure how well you will manage even after your lens trial. If you feel the need to try the lenses for a longer period, perhaps in your work environment, or gain more confidence in lens handling, we can offer an extended trial of up to 10 days which should enable you to make a more informed decision. There is a charge for this extended trial but this is refundable against subsequent lens purchase.

Overall, your success or otherwise with lenses will depend on your own motivation and the skill of your contact lens practitioner – it is vital to understand that this is a two way relationship and your success will often depend on getting good sensible advice from a practitioner you can trust. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.

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