11b_Grooved non polishedYour spectacles should ensure that you look your best and see your best. With that in mind, we take as much trouble over advising you on the most appropriate lenses for your lifestyle as we will to ensure you get great looking frames!

Almost all of our lenses are supplied by Hoya who have had an unsurpassed reputation for quality of their ophthalmic lenses for many years. We use Hoya because of their innovation, accuracy and consistent quality.

In advising you, we will consider factors such as your occupation, hobbies, amount of driving, need for glare protection and safety, as well as the practical aspects such as weight and thickness to ensure your comfort.

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We firmly believe that getting your spectacles right means applying all our skills and training, taking as much time as you need and using the very latest technology. This is why our client surveys consistently indicate well over 90% of clients would recommend us to a friend and we are regularly complimented on  providing a much more enjoyable buying experience than our larger higher profile competitors.

Our blog includes several posts regarding specific lens designs such as multifocals, sunglasses or lenses specifically designed for screen users.