Our premises are designed with access in mind.

Parking is possible within 4 metres of the door. Please be aware that at this time, the surface is coarse gravel, so please take care if using a wheelchair or your walking is unsteady.

The entrance has a gently sloping ramp access (gradient approx 1:20). External and internal doors are 800mm wide and there are no steps or changes in level internally.

The eye examination can be carried out with a client seated in a wheelchair if required.

Seating for waiting and (if required) dispensing of spectacles is on standard height meeting room chairs with fixed armrests.

An accessible toilet is available for client use, with handrails to both sides.

Staff are aware of the needs of visually impaired clients and can offer appropriate assistance where required.

We are sympathetic to the needs of clients who may be affected by dementia or who may have learning difficulties. Our premises are small and can appear quite busy if several clients attend at the same time. However, we do have less busy times and if this would make you feel more comfortable, please discuss this when making your appointment.

Because of the level of sophisticated equipment that we use, your eye examination will always be better carried out on our premises but we do have portable instrumentation, so if your disability means that you are unable to consider attending, we are able to offer a home visit. Click for details of our home visits.

John Tomlinson Opticians