We provide a comprehensive contact lens fitting service and are happy to take on patients who might be considered “difficult to fit”.

We will discuss your personal requirements and help you decide on the best lenses for you – if there is a choice between the best option and the cheapest, we will always recommend the lenses that are best for the long term health of your eyes.

You may choose full-time lens wear or simply use them as a part-time alternative to your glasses, either way, they are a convenient and comfortable option, providing excellent all round vision.

We supply lenses from all the major manufacturers and have access to specialist suppliers who will provide individually designed lenses for those wearers who require them. If you already wear lenses which are “own-brand” from one of the larger optical groups, we will usually be able to provide the same lenses or a superior product at a competitive price, should you wish to transfer your lens supply to us.

Check our contact lens FAQ for more information but the best way to find out whether contact lenses are for you is to take advantage of our free trial – to book your trial now, click here. Remember to book an eye examination at the same time unless you have a recent prescription.

As a contact lens wearer, you will automatically enjoy the benefits of our Aftercare Plus scheme, ensuring you get the care you need without any unexpected bills, with great savings of up to 25% on purchases of spare glasses or sunglasses.