Do you have trouble reading and using the computer? Well it’s time to focus on near and middle-distance.

You may already wear spectacles with bifocals, varifocal or reading lenses. However, you might find that your near and middle-distance vision (especially in work situations) is not as good as you would like?

This is because reading spectacles and varifocals can limit your vision.

We have got the solution for you!!……..Our optical suppliers have developed a range of lenses, specifically designed for people just like you, who spend a lot of time indoors, using these crucial working distances.

These type of lenses are designed to restrict your distance vision, which enables a smooth and natural transition from a wide middle-distance area to a large near zone when compared to conventional varifocal lenses. This means that these lenses will enable you to read the smallest print yet be able to see your computer screen and colleagues across the office without having to move your head. These lenses can make work in the kitchen, DIY, Puzzles and reading music much easier putting you at ease and making these activities more enjoyable.

The Tact 200 and Workstyle 200 are designed to deliver maximum visual performance for visual situations up to a distance of 200cm.

The Tact 400 and Workstyle 400 are designed to deliver maximum visual performance for visual situations up to a distance of 400cm.


This means that the lenses are ideal for patients that :

  • Work at a computer for extended periods.
  • Work in an office environment.
  • People who enjoy cooking or baking.
  • Have a need for clear and distortion free intermediate vision.
  • Even people who play golf.

You can be assured that that type of lens will allow you clear, sharp vision without limitation, comfortable reading, high precision wide field of vision, immediate adaptation and the most advanced and practical solution for your needs.

Finally….This selection of lens can also be paired with a revolutionary coating called Blue-Control. The main purpose of the coating is to neutralize high energy blue light that is emitted by AMOLED, LCD, LED and TFT screens. Furthermore, this coating also makes the lenses water, grease, dirt and scratch resistant.   Research has linked high energy blue light with poor sleep patterns and dry eyes, which can cause visual fatigue when these screen variations are used for extended periods.

For more information, call in and we will be glad to help in any way possible and provide you with any further assistance you require.