Unique Frames Handmade to Fit You with Ultimate Precision

  • Are you seeking a pair of glasses with a style or colour unique to you?
  • Do you struggle to buy glasses that fit perfectly, even after seemingly endless adjustments?
  • Are you looking for the most comfortable glasses you have ever possessed?
  • Or do you simply appreciate the pleasure of wearing something that has been hand-tailored just for you?

Then these are for you!

We are proud to be an approved Tom Davies Bespoke Practice, meaning we are able to offer the Tom Davies ready-to-wear range of frames, which offers a vast choice of superbly understated styles for ladies and gents, any of which can then be tailored very precisely to your requirements, ensuring they fit absolutely perfectly and look stunning. Manufactured by hand from the finest quality acetate or ultra-light titanium, individuality is guaranteed: there are over 100 million combinations of style/colour/size available in the titanium models and over 1.2 BILLION in the acetate range!

Private Fitting Service

The Tom Davies Bespoke experience starts with a private fitting appointment. If required, this will include a comprehensive eye examination in our state of the art consulting room or, if you have a prescription already, we are happy to use that as the starting point. We will then discuss your requirements in detail:

  • lifestyle/work/leisure activities;
  • when the glasses are to be worn;
  • problems with previous glasses (comfort/fitting/styling);
  • style preferences;
  • colour preferences;

Once we have built up this profile, by which time we should have a shortlist of styles from the ready-to-wear range, we can then set about customising your frame by taking detailed measurements, discussing all available colour options and combinations and even, if required, personalising details such as the style and position of the side-arms, the type of pins used to mount the side-arms to the front of the frame and even how you would like your personal details laser-engraving on the side of the frame.

Even after specifying these details, your glasses are not complete until they have absolutely the right lenses for you and with that in mind, we will explain the benefits of the very best lenses from our preferred suppliers such as Hoya and Carl Zeiss.

Once your made-to-measure frame has been delivered, we ask you to come back in for a first fitting. At this stage, we will confirm that the frame is precisely as we specified and will double-check the measurements required for lens manufacture. The lenses will then be ordered and once fitted to your frame, you get the call for final fitting – an exciting moment!

By going through this process, you are assured of receiving a pair of glasses which will be very special – looking and feeling amazing!

If you know you’re ready to make your appointment for a Bespoke Consultation, call us now on 0800 977 5994 or click here.

Bespoke Made-to-Meaure Eyewear by Tom Davies