One of the things we hear time and time again from clients visiting us for the first time is that they have tried multifocal (or varifocal) lenses in the past and not coped very well (or that their friend or relative has had a bad experience and that this was enough to put them off).

Why is this? And can we help?

Multifocals are not new technology – the first Varilux lens was introduced in 1959 – yes, over 50 years ago! Not surprisingly, designs have evolved and improved somewhat over the intervening years, but many lenses designed several decades ago are still available and, as is the way with such things, are still available at low cost… and this is the key – when varifocals are advertised at bargain basement prices, you will get bargain basement technology!

This older, low grade technology produces visual effects that will require a long adaptation period for the new wearer and limit the quality of vision that you can expect in many situations such as driving, computer use or reading. However, try a pair of lenses that incorporate the latest digital design and manufacturing technology, together with our detailed analysis of your visual needs and the difference is as striking as comparing a modern High Definition TV with the first generation of colour TVs from the 1970s.

At Tomlinson Opticians, we firmly believe that every client deserves the best vision we can offer them – after all, that’s what we’re here for – so our first choice varifocal is the Hoya iD range of lenses. We have now fitted many hundreds of first-time wearers with these lenses with a very high success rate, not to mention the several thousand existing multifocal wearers who have enjoyed the experience of upgrading their vision to High Definition.

The pictures below give an indication of the difference you can expect.

Note the distortion of shape in the upper corners of the left hand lens and think how this might affect your vision, especially to the sides, when driving. Compare this with the Hoya iD lens on the right where this effect is minimised and produces much more comfortable vision.




Note the distortion in the lower part of the conventional lens on the left and imagine how this might restrict the comfortable reading area through this lens, compared with the Hoya iD lens on the right



As for price, we know there are cheaper multifocal lenses out there – indeed, we can offer you cheaper multifocals ourselves – but we are confident that our prices are very competitive for this quality of lens and you have the peace of mind of our 60 day guarantee should you find you are unable to tolerate the design for any reason. To discuss your individual requirements, give us a call!